Leaving the Nest

My name is Brittany and I am a Tumblr amateur. I am 19, going on 20, as a struggling college student, trying to make it on my own. This account will be used as a way for me to document my experiences via the road to independence. Feel free to follow along.
Your attitude determines your altitude!

Finally, some “me” time

Found myself alone tonight.

Roommate gone - check Mean girls - check Nail polish - check Face mask - check Candle - check Brownies - check

Although I miss my other half, its so relaxing to have some quiet time. Pampering myself ha. Def enjoying this while it lasts! Unfortunately, I find myself wide awake and its 2am. Time to pop a nyquil?? I put in a favorite chick flick to fall asleep to. Feeling less stressed for sure. Night y’all!

Why didn’t I appreciate it when I had it. Regret. Now its gone. Didn’t realize how good I had it.

untitled by clifford.jj on Flickr.

This sums up how I’m feeling right now.


untitled by clifford.jj on Flickr.

This sums up how I’m feeling right now.

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Will I ever catch a break?

Bucket list:)

This will grow in time..

  1. Learn how to sail.
  2. Visit Venice.


To go along with the picture I just posted I say the following:

It’s been exactly one decade since 9/11 took place. I’ll begin this post by saying that when I found out about the plane crashes, I was in Mrs. Casey’s fourth grade classroom. I can vividly remember watching the events go down on television. Despite that memory, I have never been a very patriotic person, (I know that sounds awful) until this last year.

After graduating high school together, my closest cousin, Matt, enlisted into the United States Air Force instead of taking the college route like I did. He just finished his basic training this spring and came back to Ohio long enough to get married to his beautiful bride, Destiny, of 5 years. Almost immediately after, Matt and Dest moved to his station in New Mexico. The Air Force has had a huge impact on Matt already. I am so proud of who he has become so far and I know that he will continue to be successful because of his Air Force training. The change I have seen in Matt is inspiring and I have developed a stronger sense of patriotism because of him. It is men like him that have stepped up to protect out wonderful country from terrorists since the attack. It is because of them that we can enjoy our freedom.

To Matthew and all of the men and women who sacrifice to protect us, thank you for everything that you do for America.

God bless!


Worst idea ever. Never get them. Lately, I have found it difficult to deal with the people (6, other than myself) on my lease. Some are good friends, and some are acquaintances. The girl I actually room with though, is fabulous. We seem to compliment one another very well; Thank you Jesus. Otherwise, I have been trying REALLY hard to control my emotions and hold my tongue while dealing with the rest. Nothing is going right in this house though. Everything they do frustrates me. I am to the point now where I just walk away, ignore the situation, and do not deal with it. It’s unfortunate that I have already begun to alienate myself in my own house. Did I mention that it has only been a month since we moved in. Only 11 more to go!! I feel like being in this house/town is bringing out the worst in me. Maybe I’m the problem. Maybe I’m just being resentful that It’s my fault that I am in this situation? How should I cope with it? Hahaa truthfully, I think I need a therapist. Admitting that to myself makes me feel like a head case. AHHH! What is happening to me?!